Insight & Resources

We are collating resources, research, facts and statistics on homelessness, housing, services and other related issues from across the UK and Milton Keynes. We hope that this will help our sector to understand and share better data to enable us to continue to work towards ending homelessness across Milton Keynes and supporting those in need.

More information will appear on these pages, so keep checking back for regular updates.

If your organisation has produced, or is aware of other resources, reports, research, facts and statistics that can appear here and would benefit our sector in Milton Keynes, then please contact us.


Homelessness: Applying for support flowchart

Produced by the National Homelessness Advice Service (NHAS). This flowchart provides an overview of the steps the council will follow if a person applies for help as homeless.

Factsheet - Prisoners Housing on release

Produced by the National Homelessness Advice Service (NHAS). This factsheet looks at housing options when individuals come out of prison.

Guidance - Vulnerability and priority need: advising clients (September 2019)

Produced by the National Homelessness Advice Service (NHAS). A guide for frontline advisers supporting single people making a homeless application where there may be an issue about priority need.

MKC Pathway and referrals

Homelessness Self Help Tool

Milton Keynes Council Duty To Refer

COVID19 Guidance on renting for landlords, tenants and local authorities


Short webinars offering hotel staff and volunteers guidance during COVID-19

Facts & Statistics

Statutory Homelessness

The government releases regular statistics on the levels and types of homelessness together with the outcomes of applications made and received by councils across England. The latest government figures (October to December 2019) are available here.

Statutory Homelessness Release (Oct-Dec 2019).pdf

MK Council Housing Statistics

MKC publish a quarterly factsheet. Statistics for Q4, 2019-2020 are available here.

Quarterly Factsheet Q4 (2019-2020).pdf

MK Population Statistics (MKC)

The general population statistics for Milton Keynes have been updated. Figures published on 10 June 2020 are available here

Population Statistics